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Screen Capture live Korean Central Television Pyongyang, DPR of Korea.

Screen Capture Korean Central Television Pyongyang, DPR of Korea.

Update: North Korea attempted a missile launch today which according to RT news has failed. Will the US respond to this escalation.

War on the Korean Peninsula seems almost unavoidable at this point with both sides feeding on the nonstop rhetoric from each side.  North Korea believes the US will launch an attack on them at anytime and are ready to strike. According to the Stars and Stripes an anonymous U.S. military official said, “The U.S. doesn’t intend to use military force against North Korea in response to either a nuclear test or a missile launch.” That the US has went with a plan of “Maximum Pressure and engagement.”


NK parade 105th

Screen Capture Korean Central Television from Pyongyang, DPR of Korea.

China has deployed around 250,000 troops in north-east China near the border with North Korea and recent talk of 20 submarines being positioned around the Korean peninsula. Russia has moved troops and 8 SA-8 missile systems to within 80 km’s of the boarder as well.

Japan’s National Security Council today discussed a plan on evacuating 57,000 Japanese citizens from South Korea in the event of a crisis and is reaching out to South Korea for permission to send planes and ships.

On Friday April 14th China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi, “warned that no one would win if there was war on the Korean Peninsula, advising against anything that would escalate the situation.” He also conducted a strategic call with Russian Diplomat Sergei Lavrov and they discussed the situations in Syria and North Korea. On North Korea Minister Wang said, “Preventing war and chaos on the peninsula meets the common interests of China and Russia, and pulling all the parties back to the negotiating table is the common goal of the two countries.”

NK parade missle 105th

Screen Capture Korean Central Television from Pyongyang, DPR of Korea.

The North Korean Government news KCNA is reporting that the spokesman for the Korean People’s Army’s General Staff said on April 14 that the severe situation in the Korean peninsula is being created as a reckless military light bulb by the Trumpian government…Right now, US Secretary of Defense, Defense Secretary, and other US security officials are struggling with American military action against us.  In the situation that the Trump administration’s strict military light emitter is approaching a dangerous stage that can not be tolerated further, the General Staff of the Korean People’s Army reaffirmed the principle of accumulation of the DPRK with delegation.”    

  1. We will thoroughly destroy all day-to-day political, economic, and military provocations in accordance with the US hostile policies of the Republic of Korea, with the super-hard actions of our troops and people.
    2. Our super-tactile response to the United States and its followers will be mercilessly targeted   with a catastrophic punishment that does not allow survival.
  2. With regard to the seriousness of the situation, the United Sates will have to make the right choice of problem solving with the sane mind.

“The army and people of Korea will continue to confront fearlessly with those who violate our dignity and sovereignty, and that all the provocative choices of the United States will always ruthlessly disintegrate with our super-tough response.”

What happens in the next few days is to be seen. If there is a war and China and Russia both sit out the war, South Korea will still suffer severe damage many casualties.


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